Refund/cancellation policy

It is very hard to find the right credit repair company that meets your needs. Wizelink International is a trusted company with a good clientele. We tackle credit issues that could be difficult to resolve on your own. Our expertise in the segment makes the credit repair process easier for customers. If we are not able to deliver a quality service as desired by you, we will refund all of your money. Your relationship and reputation are very important to for us.


We have a smooth refund policy. You can cancel the services at any time. You will be refunded after (90) day enrollment period if not satisfied with the services. You can request a refund via email or by mailing a signed and dated letter requesting a refund. Refunds are only given once the 90 day period has been completed and there has been no improvement on the credit report. It will take us five (5) – seven (7) business days to process a refund. Refund status will send to you via email.

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